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I AM a highly-skilled, perceptive and extremely motivated Creative/Art Director. I've spent most of my career creating compelling, award-winning work at larger consumer agencies for premium brands, including Anheuser Busch, McDonald’s, Progressive Insurance and Subway, collaborating with some of the best creatives in advertising.
More recently, I've dedicated my talents to smaller B2B agencies, helping them land new business and create work for clients such as Pfizer, Bayer, BD, Novartis, Gilead and Caterpillar. I've also taken on much larger roles and greater responsibilities working alongside several highly respected agency leaders and marketing directors.
My curiosity and drive are evident in both my work and personal life. Along with my strong dedication to my family, I've been shaped by my interest in art, illustration, art history, design, biography, fitness and cycling.


JAMES MCGUIRE / Sr. Director of Marketing / Experian Automotive

"Todd gets it. He understands how to translate business goals into creative messages that generate attention and resonate strongly with a target audience. He looks at the big picture, surveys the realm of possible directions, then zeroes into something clear, creatively interesting and on-strategy."

TIM O'BRIEN  / Creative Director / Foodmix Marketing Communications

"For Todd, art direction is more than a job; it’s a true calling. Todd’s lifelong passion for art serves as a constant wellspring of innovative design and fresh concepts. His boundless curiosity drives him to explore strikingly different avenues to truly original design, whatever the project. Yet he’s always open to input from his partner creatives, and considers constructive feedback as a means to make his great work even better."

MICHAEL MINNELLA  / Associate Creative Director / Scout Health

"Truth is, I only want to work with people who are not only great at what they do but who are simply great people. Todd is great people. He's a Renaissance man of unique talents, a whiz bang marketing mind and just an all-around hale fellow well met. I hope to work with Todd again soon."

GINO TOMARO / Business Development Director / Rhea + Kaiser Advertising

"A very talented, humble and exceptionally good human being. Todd is equal parts strategist and exceptional creative director. He asks the questions and seeks the answers to deliver the right creative, in the right medium...
to deliver outstanding results."

rategic Planning / Purohit Navigation

"Todd was one of my favorite Art Directors to work with. He is not only amazingly talented, but he is a genuinely great person to work with. He is really down-to-earth, uncomplicated and drama-free :) He's also a perfectionist, constantly re-evaluating his work to make sure he gets it right."

JOHN ENGLUND / Senior Copywriter / Experian Automotive

"I worked with Todd on several product launch, branding and other marketing-related projects. He was consistently thoughtful, open-minded and full of ideas. Todd was always agreeable, and I came to rely on his professionalism and the high level of quality he brought to work each day, from conception to presentation, execution and follow-up. I thought I had already learned all I could from colleagues, but Todd proved me wrong."
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