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Challenge:  Create an identity, look and feel for the Experian 2019 Auto Sales Summit based on the theme "If you're not first, you're last" from the movie "Talladego Nights".  Requirements included it fitting within the theme and Experian brand guidelines, it be adaptable to the existing Experian Auto PowerPoint template and it be bold, graphic and fun.


Solution:  A lockup, theme illustration and design system that reflected the nostalgic nature and energy of car racing, that fit within Experian graphic standards and played off the humor and quirkiness of the film.


The therapeutics market  is diluted with smiling patient imagery used in similar graphic treatments with similar messaging. Enliven needed an unexpected and original brand look and feel to help punch through and build a new marketing effort.   And they wanted to start with a website. Once again it was a budget sensitive assignment and the agency needed an experienced and multi-dimentional freelance Creative/Art Director to lead and create the project.


I suggested using a bold illustration by the Italian artist Giordano Metzi as the hero image to support their message of Advancing Medicine and Restoring lives. As the lead image on the website landing page it made a splash and really set the tone for the web experience that made viewing simple and intuitive to use. 


The client loved the illustration so much they had a huge print made and framed for their main conference room.

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