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Product launch for REBYOTA, a new Ferring Pharmaceutical product which is the first and only single-dose microbiota-based live biotherapeutic approved to prevent recurrence of C. difficile infection starting at first recurrence.


We were responsible for concept development, website; including UX/UI, wireframing, design, and video, all the other digital related initiatives, IVA, print, and booth design.

REB_Desktop screen.jpg

Johnson & Johnson

VR experience for the Johnson & Johnson Hematology Booth. J&J wanted an idea that not would only draw people the booth, but also educate attendees about their hematology historical sucesses and life-saving products.


Our solution. A VR gaming experience in which attendees race through a virtual artery world, dodging oncoming blood cells, having to stop at various passes to answer questions. Once they complete the entire course, their time is recorded and an amount of money is allocated to a blood-related charity they chose to race for when they signed up.

The experience was a huge success. J&J enriched their standing among hematology professionals and charities and contracted with Ogilvy Health to develop other similar projects in the future.


Bayer tasked us with developing an awareness campaign directed to CRCP doctors explaining the urgency for early and consistent bone scans for bone metastases.


Our solution. "Waiting can have consequenses". A metaphoric approach pointing out that the longer doctors put off scanning for bone metasteses the more dire the situation can be for CRCP patients.


A Walk on Water (AWOW) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower children with a feeling of pride and accomplishment through the emotional and incredibly transforming experience of surfing.


Our task was to take existing footage from previous videos, combined with stock imagery, and develop a compelling story that captured the heart of the AWOW, the children it serves and the graciousness of the many volunteers that contribute to its success. 


Fingerpaint Marketing

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