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As Group Art Supervisor, I played a central role in designing and orchestrating the execution of all assets for the launch of the Ferring Pharmaceutical C. difficile awareness and product, Rebyota, campaigns. My primary focus was on websites and other digital initiatives. 


My priority was to advocate for the adoption of Adobe XD for UI/UX wireframing and all digital-related endeavors, streamlining our workflow in collaboration with the development team. Then transition to utilizing Figma for these purposes.


During slower periods with Rebyota, I extended my assistance to colleagues and eagerly embraced additional conceptual challenges. I contributed to a pro bono Veterinarian suicide awareness initiative, enhancing the final outcome with my extended thinking. Additionally, I assumed the art direction responsibilities for the development of a case-study video for AWOW and booth design and experience assignments for Johnson & Johnson. More recently, I provided concepts for a new Bayer awareness campaign, in which one, in a total of three, was presented to the client.

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