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CAT Chopper Promotion

We led, built and executed the promotion for the American Chopper series in which they designed and built a Cat Chopper.  

We produced several pre-show teaser tactics. When the bike was completed we created inserts, ads, in-store posters, display banners, a website splash-page featuring a 360 degree view of the Cat Chopper and designed and directed the graphics for the truck that took the bike on tour.

The results were staggering. Sales increased by 80% during that period, dealers were energized by being directly involved in the promotion and it set the stage for future joint marketing efforts. 

Caterpillar Continued

When Caterpillar expanded their line with a series of compact vehicles marketed to small contractors, they came to us for ideas that played off of their long and proven heritage for building the world's best large, high-end, earthmoving equipment.

We first developed a series of simple, graphic ads with the compact vehicles juxtaposed to the larger equipment in creative ways against a CAT-yellow backdrop.​ We expanded the campaign by featuring compact equipment next to reflective surfaces showing their reflections as their larger ancestors.

Based on our success with the compact division we were rewarded work for the larger equipment division.



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