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Challenge:  Create an identity, look and feel for the Experian 2019 Auto Sales Summit based on the theme "If you're not first, you're last" from the movie "Talladego Nights".  Requirements included it fitting within the theme and Experian brand guidelines, it be adaptable to the existing Experian Auto PowerPoint template and it be bold, graphic and fun.


Solution:  A lockup, theme illustration and design system that reflected the nostalgic nature and energy of car racing, that fit within Experian graphic standards and played off the humor and quirkiness of the film.

While working in the B2B advertising world I've been tasked with creating many logos and identity systems including comprehensive style guides to help drive brand consistency. Developing Pharmaceutical product logos has had its own additional challenges. And throughout time I've realized how important and valuable identity and style guidance is within Pharmaceutical marketing departments.



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