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Challenge:  Create an identity, look and feel for the Experian 2019 Auto Sales Summit based on the theme "If you're not first, you're last" from the movie "Talladego Nights".  Requirements included it fitting within the theme and Experian brand guidelines, it be adaptable to the existing Experian Auto PowerPoint template and it be bold, graphic and fun.


Solution:  A lockup, theme illustration and design system that reflected the nostalgic nature and energy of car racing, that fit within Experian graphic standards and played off the humor and quirkiness of the film.


Fingerpaint Marketing, a specialized agency in healthcare advertising, sought a freelance Art Director with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry to spearhead the design, implementation, and coordination of every facet of the Ilumya relaunch campaign.


Collaborating closely with the creative direction team, and leveraging imagery from a recently concluded photoshoot, I presented a range of design options for the website, print advertisements, and sales support materials. Upon the client's selection of a direction, I took charge of building the entire website and laid out all accompanying collateral.

My successful execution of this project garnered acclaim and  opened doors to further projects, including the relaunch campaign for Levulan Kerastick.

Given a library of imagery from a recent photoshoot, I provided guidance on wireframe direction then crafted multiple distinct look and feel concepts.

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