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BD MAX Rebrand

The BD Max system was facing a decline in both awareness and sales. Recognizing the potential benefits it still offered, BD Diagnostics tasked us with crafting a straightforward yet impactful campaign that would not only stand out at trade shows, but also effectively highlight its unique features and advantages throughout all channels. 

Our approach was elegantly simple: feature the product's name as the central graphic element, highlighting the color of the instruments iconic instrument cover across all marketing materials.


By incorporating diverse imagery into three key letters, we extended the campaign across various touchpoints, effectively conveying the system's inherent power. This bold visual identity was seamlessly integrated into videos, event booth signage, as well as all print and digital sales support materials.


The campaign was a huge success and we were awarded with assignments for eight different BD products over a three-year period.

Other BD Sales Support

BD presented us with a new brand guidelines system that required us to fit all future executions for all products into a templated format. We created distinct and recognizable identities for each BD product, while ensuring they harmoniously fit under the overarching BD umbrella.

For BD Kiestra, an automated and modular blood-diagnostics laboratory system, we played off their new branded angular ribbon and built different triangular patterened backgrounds to express each piece of equipments individual benefits to the the lab technicians and patients.



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