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Challenge:  Create an identity, look and feel for the Experian 2019 Auto Sales Summit based on the theme "If you're not first, you're last" from the movie "Talladego Nights".  Requirements included it fitting within the theme and Experian brand guidelines, it be adaptable to the existing Experian Auto PowerPoint template and it be bold, graphic and fun.


Solution:  A lockup, theme illustration and design system that reflected the nostalgic nature and energy of car racing, that fit within Experian graphic standards and played off the humor and quirkiness of the film.


MyTraitRx, was founded as a much needed service to supply clinicians and patients with genetic information to make the best medication decisions. They were seeking an experienced multi-dimensional Pharma agency to establish an identity that swiftly communicated the value of its service. The founder envisioned extending this aesthetic throughout all supporting materials and the website.


The client was pleased that a single, straightforward icon could effectively convey the company's distinctive narrative. They felt a strong sense of confidence entering this new market with a user-friendly and approachable website that highlighted the company's friendly nature.



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