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Blue Rider: An Introduction

I slammed on my brakes and came to a screeching halt. A turtle was slowly crossing the road. Worried that it would get flattened by oncoming traffic, I leaped from my bike and stopped the car coming straight toward it. Surprised, and somewhat amused, the driver exited his vehicle, smiled at me, walked up to the turtle, picked it up, and gently placed it on out of harm's way. Then with a polite nod, said to me, “Sorry, I have to get to work.”

I automatically thought, “Why didn’t I think of that”, but quickly came to accept what I did. I was intrigued by the turtle’s carefree, nonchalant attitude, and the beauty of its form, colors, and patterns. And the way the sun gleamed off its shell and created a long interesting shadow. (Okay, I have a wee bit of ADHD too.)

Sure, picking it up and carrying it to the other side was practical but what I did is what I’ve come to like about myself. I try to live in the moment and am intensely curious about things, trying to see things from unique angles. And not only seek out physical beauty but beauty in reasoning. I also constantly question why this makes me a happier and more fulfilled person and found this is most profound when I’m outdoors, mostly while I’m cycling.

While out road biking, I feel most alive, electrically creative, and immensely confident in my ideas. Thus the reason started this blog. Not only as a way to log my creative conundrums but to help anyone who is creative to learn techniques and gain knowledge for dealing with and accepting the roller coaster of emotions mostly inherent in people like us. You'll learn a few things about art history as well.

Blue Rider is taken from the name of a group of early 18th-century Fauve painters. They adapted it from a painting Kandinsky did of a man in a blue coat riding a horse, and the multiple images of blue horses the artists portrayed. “Blue” also seemed appropriate for a blog examining the feelings and behaviors of creative individuals. “Rider” emphasizes the physical exercise that not only enlightens these emotions in me but has helped me battle depression and helped me sustain a healthier and happier view of the world and the people in it.

Don’t worry, It won’t be a downer. Or at least I’m planning on the opposite. Besides short stories inspired by my life as a creative thinker, artist, art history fanatic, and cyclist, and my interests in science and spirituality, I will include my artwork, which includes graphic design and photography, and lists of podcasts, books, movies, documentaries, exhibits and music that I’m most excited about and have enlightened me.

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